Meet Our Teachers

Teacher Annette Crain


Teacher Annette is married and has three adult children and one grandson.  This will be her twentieth year as a preschool teacher.  Annette started teaching at our sister school First Presbyterian Church Preschool (our sister school) where she taught the 3-4 year old class.  She was later transferred to First Christian Church Preschool where she took over the Pre-K class and became Assistant Director.  This will be her fifth year as the director of First Christian Church Preschool.  This preschool and the children here are truly her passion.  

Teacher Cristina Terry

Pre-K Lead Teacher/Spanish Teacher

Teacher Cristina is married and has two children.  This year will be her fifth year at First Christian Church Preschool.  This will be her first year as lead teacher but third year teaching Pre-K.  Teacher Cristina  has taken on our Spanish program and also the love of sign language. Her goals are to instill the love of learning and prepare you child for the rigorous kindergarten program with the Natrona County School District.  Pre-K will receive spanish and sign languange  instruction  four days a week. She also teaches

Spanish to the younger classes on Friday.   

Teacher Brianna Reaves

Pre-K Teacher

Teacher Brianna is married and has three children, twin girls and a older brother.  This is Brianna's start of her third year at First Christian Church Preschool.  Brianna has been our Friday helper in the 3-4 class for two years.  This fall Brianna will be teaching with Teacher Cristina in the Pr-K class.    We love Teacher Brianna and are very excited to have her teaching this year in Pre-K.

Teacher Brooke Miller

3-4 Teacher

Teacher Brooke is married and has three children.  This will be Teacher Brooke's second year at First Christian Church Preschool.  She is so excited to be teaching the 3-4 class this year. She is loving her job at First Christian Church Preschool.  Her goal is to have fun and help her students become prepared for ourPre-K program.      

Teacher Teran Wehr

Young 3's 

Teacher Teran is married and has one child.  He isn't old enough to attend preschool yet, but we are excited that he will be a preschooler next year. It is are  exciting to add Teacher Teran is so happy that she is will be following her life long dream of being a preschool teacher.  She will bring new ideas to the classroom.

Teacher Deborah Ludwig

Intro to Preschool

Teacher Deborah is married and has two children.  We are so excited to add Teacher Deborah to our preschool family.  Deborah is busy, not only being a mother but also owns her own business, where she refrubishes furniture and makes fun home decor.  She is extremely creative and will utilize her gift with our preschool.

Teacher Cheryl Dionne


Teacher Cheryl is married and has four children.  Cheryl has been at First Christian Church Preschool for four and a half years.  Cheryl is everyone’s helper.  She is a master at organization, which makes our jobs so much easier.  Cheryl is very dedicated to the preschool.  She also does all of our food planning, ordering and preparation.  

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